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J. Mater. Sci. Technol.  2017, Vol. 33 Issue (10): 1172-1176    DOI: 10.1016/j.jmst.2017.05.012
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Fabrication of laminated TiB2-B4C/Cu-Ni composites by electroplating and spark plasma sintering
Wu Ziyi, Zhang Jinyong, Shi Taojie, Zhang Fan*(), Lei Liwen, Xiao Han, Fu Zhengyi
State Key Lab of Advanced Technology for Material Synthesis and Processing, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan 430070, China
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We proposed a new method, electroplating followed by spark plasma sintering (SPS), to fabricate laminated TiB2-B4C/Cu-Ni composites with high strength and high toughness. It is found that a thin intermediate Cu layer can effectively enhance the strength of the interface between the ceramics and the metals, resulting in a high flexural strength and toughness of the laminated TiB2-B4C composites simultaneously. A flexural strength and fracture toughness of 651 MPa and 11.6 MPa m1/2 respectively, are achieved, an approximately 90% improvement over TiB2-B4C bulk.

Key words:  Laminated structure      Electroplating      Spark plasma sintering      B4C ceramic     
Received:  11 February 2017     
Corresponding Authors:  Zhang Fan     E-mail:
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1 These two authors contributed equally to this paper.

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Wu Ziyi, Zhang Jinyong, Shi Taojie, Zhang Fan, Lei Liwen, Xiao Han, Fu Zhengyi. Fabrication of laminated TiB2-B4C/Cu-Ni composites by electroplating and spark plasma sintering. J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 2017, 33(10): 1172-1176.

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Fig. 1.  SEM images of electroplated TBC plate cross-sections: (a) Ni-electroplated; (b) Cu-Ni electroplated.
Fig. 2.  (a) SEM image of the cross-section of the laminated TBC/Cu-Ni after welding (b) TBC/Ni composites (c) TBC/Cu-Ni composites.
Fig. 3.  Cu and Ni distributions in the TBC/Cu-Ni specimens. (a) SEM image showing the scan pathways; (b) typical distributions near the tunnels; (c) thickness of Ni entering into the TBC with different SPS sintering temperatures.
Fig. 4.  XRD patterns of the Cu-Ni layer after/before sintering.
Fig. 5.  Flexural strength and fracture toughness of laminated TBC composites: 0-pure TBC; 1-sintered at 900 °C, 5 min; 2-sintered at 950 °C, 5 min; 3- sintered at 1050 °C, 10 min.
Fig. 6.  Typical fracture surface of the laminated composites.
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