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J Mater Sci Technol  2009, Vol. 25 Issue (03): 410-414    DOI:
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Wetting Behavior and Interfacial Reactions in (Sn-9Zn)-2Cu/Ni Joints during Soldering and Isothermal Aging
Ning Zhao, Haitao Ma, Haiping Xie, Lai Wang
School of Materials Science and Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, China
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The wetting property of (Sn-9Zn)-2Cu (wt pct) on Ni substrate and the evolution of interfacial microstructure in (Sn-9Zn)-2Cu/Ni joints during soldering as well as isothermal aging were studied. The wetting ability of eutectic Sn-9Zn solder on Ni substrate was markedly improved by adding 2 wt pct Cu into this solder alloy. Plate-like Cu5Zn8 intermetallic compounds (IMCs) were detected in (Sn-9Zn)-2Cu solder matrix. A continuous Ni5Zn21 IMC layer was formed at (Sn-9Zn)-2Cu/Ni interface after soldering. This IMC layer kept its type and integrality even after aging at 170°C for up to 1000 h. At the early aging stage (before 500 h), the IMC layer grew fast and its thickness followed a linear relationship with the square root of aging time. Thereafter, however, the thickness increased very slowly with longer aging time. When the joints were aged for 1000 h,
a new IMC phase, (Cu,Ni)5Zn8, was found in the matrix near the interface. The formation of (Cu,Ni)5Zn8 phase can be attributed to the di®usion of Ni atoms into the solder matrix from the substrate.

Key words:  Lead-free solder      Interfacial reaction      Intermetallic compounds      Aging     
Received:  21 April 2008     

the National Key Project of Scientific and Technical Supporting Programs during the 11th Five-year Plan (No. 2006BAE03B02-2) 
NSFC Key Program (No. U0734006)

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Ning Zhao,Haitao Ma,Haiping Xie,Lai Wang. Wetting Behavior and Interfacial Reactions in (Sn-9Zn)-2Cu/Ni Joints during Soldering and Isothermal Aging. J Mater Sci Technol, 2009, 25(03): 410-414.

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