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J Mater Sci Technol  2009, Vol. 25 Issue (03): 344-346    DOI:
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Si-Al-Ir Oxidation Resistant Coating for Carbon/Carbon Composites by Slurry Dipping
1) C/C Composites Technology Research Center, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an 710072, China
2) School of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi0an Shiyou University, Xi0an 710065, China
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A Si-Al-Ir oxidation resistant coating was prepared for SiC coated carbon/carbon composites by slurry dipping. The phase composition, microstructure and oxidation resistance of the as-prepared Si-Al-Ir coating were studied by XRD (X-ray diffraction), SEM (scanning electron microscopy), and isothermal oxidation test at 1773 K in
air, respectively. The surface of the as-prepared Si-Al-Ir coating was dense and the thickness was approximately 100 μm. Its anti-oxidation property was superior to that of the inner SiC coating. The weight loss of SiC/Si-Al-Ir coated carbon/carbon composites was less than 5 wt. pct after oxidation at 1773 K in air for 79 h. The local oxidation defects in the coating may result in the failure of the SiC/Si-Al-Ir coating.

Key words:  Carbon/carbon composites      Coatings      Oxidation      Si-Al-Ir     
Received:  06 May 2008     

the National "973" Project under grant No. 2006CB600908.

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Min Huang,Kezhi Li,Hejun Li,Qianggang Fu,Yu Wang. Si-Al-Ir Oxidation Resistant Coating for Carbon/Carbon Composites by Slurry Dipping. J Mater Sci Technol, 2009, 25(03): 344-346.

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