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J. Mater. Sci. Technol.  2020, Vol. 49 Issue (0): 179-185    DOI: 10.1016/j.jmst.2020.01.050
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An effective strategy towards construction of CVD SiC fiber-reinforced superalloy matrix composite
Haoqiang Zhanga,b, Lin Liua,b, Zhiliang Peia, Nanlin Shia, Jun Gonga, Chao Suna,*()
a Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, China
b School of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China, Shenyang 110016, China
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In this work, a modified approach for preparing CVD SiC fiber-reinforced superalloy matrix composites was rationally developed. The composites were fabricated by vacuum hot pressing (VHP) process using precursor wires coated with (Al + Al2O3) diffusion barrier layers and GH4169 superalloy coatings. BNi-7 brazing filler metals were introduced on the surface of precursor wires in order to decrease the temperature of the VHP process. It was found that the VHP temperature was reduced by about 100 °C, and the melting, diffusion, nucleation and growth processes of BNi-7 fillers at 900 °C motivated the recrystallization and plastic flow of the matrix under the increasing pressure, thereby a compact composite composed of intact SiC fibers and fine equiaxial grain structure superalloy matrix was achieved. Meanwhile, the elements were distributed homogeneously among the fibers in the composite and no interfacial reactions occurred. This method provides a new insight for designing and manufacturing high-quality composites in practical engineering.

Key words:  SiC fiber      Superalloy      Diffusion barrier      Brazing filler metal     
Received:  21 November 2019     
Corresponding Authors:  Chao Sun     E-mail:

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Haoqiang Zhang, Lin Liu, Zhiliang Pei, Nanlin Shi, Jun Gong, Chao Sun. An effective strategy towards construction of CVD SiC fiber-reinforced superalloy matrix composite. J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 2020, 49(0): 179-185.

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C Cr Mo Nb Al Ti Ni Co Fe
≤0.08 20.83 2.86 4.81 0.39 1.11 50.57 0.44 Bal.
Table 1  Composition of GH4169 superalloy targets (wt.%).
C Cr P B Si Fe Ni
≤0.06 13.0~15.0 9.7~10.5 0.01 0.10 0.2 Bal.
Table 2  Chemical composition of BNi-7 BFMs (wt.%).
Fig. 1.  Schematic illustration of procedures of fabricating the composite.
Base pressure
Frequency (kHz) Duty cycle
Voltage (V) Current (A) Time (h)
(Al + Al2O3) Al 4 × 10-3 30 33.3 600 1 0.1
Al2O3 4 × 10-3 30 33.3 400 1.5 18
GH4169 4 × 10-3 30 33.3 600 1.5 18.5
Table 3  Detailed sputtering parameters used for depositing (Al + Al2O3) diffusion barrier layer and the GH4169 superalloy coating.
Fig. 2.  Side face (a), surface (b), cross-section (c) and interface (d) morphologies of precursor wire.
Fig. 3.  Morphologies of composites at condition of 1020 °C/40 MPa/2 h (a), 1020 °C/50 MPa/2 h (b).
Fig. 4.  Morphologies of composites fabricated in 900 °C/50 MPa/2 h with 15 mg/cm2 (a), 900 °C/50 MPa/2 h with 30 mg/cm2 (b), 900 °C/50 MPa/2 h with 45 mg/cm2 (c), 900 °C/60 MPa/2 h with 30 mg/cm2 (d), 900 °C/70 MPa/2 h with 30 mg/cm2 (e), 900 °C/80 MPa/2 h with 30 mg/cm2 (f).
Fig. 5.  Interface morphology and elemental distribution across fibers in composite prepared on condition of 900 °C/70 MPa/2 h.
Fig. 6.  XRD patterns of precursor wire and composite (900 °C/70 MPa/2 h).
Fig. 7.  Microstructure (a) and EBSD orientation map (b) of matrix in cross-section of composite.
Fig. 8.  Pole figures of matrix in composite.
Fig. 9.  Schematic illustration of the recrystallization process.
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