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J Mater Sci Technol  2009, Vol. 25 Issue (03): 401-404    DOI:
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βPreparation and Dielectric Properties of Nonstoichiometric β-SiC Powder by Combustion Synthesis
Xiaolei Su1,2)†, Wancheng Zhou1), Zhimin Li3) , Fa Luo1) and Dongmei Zhu1)
1) State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi0an 710072 China
2) College of Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Xi0an Polytechnic University, Xi0an 710048, China
3) School of Technical Physics, Xidian University, Xi0an 710071, China
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The nonstoichiometric β-SiC powders were synthesized via combustion reaction of Si and C system in a 0.1 MPa nitrogen atmosphere, using Teflon as the chemical activator. The prepared powders were invistigated by XRD and Raman spectra. The results indicates that the cell parameters of all the prepared β-SiC powder
are smaller than the standard value of β-SiC because of generation of CSi defects. The complex permittivity of prepared products was carried out in the frequency range of 8.2−12.4 GHz. It shows that the dielectric property of prepared β-SiC powder decrease with increasing PTFE content. The effect of CSi defects on dielectric property of -SiC powder has been discussed.

Key words:  Silicon carbide      Carbon antisite      Dielectric property     
Received:  28 March 2008     

the National Natural Science Foundation of China under grant No. 50572090 and the fund of the Slate Key Laboratory of Solidification
Processing in NWPU, No. KP200901.

Corresponding Authors:  Su XiaoLei     E-mail:

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Xiaolei Su,Wancheng Zhou,Zhimin Li,Fa Luo,Dongmei Zhu. βPreparation and Dielectric Properties of Nonstoichiometric β-SiC Powder by Combustion Synthesis. J Mater Sci Technol, 2009, 25(03): 401-404.

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