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    Microstructure of SiC Whiskers with Different Cross-sections Perpendicular to the Whiskers Axis
    NING Xiaoguang LU Yuxiong HU Kuiyi YE Hengqiang Laboratory of Atomic Imaging of Solids,Institute of Metal Research,Academia Sinica,Shenyang 110015,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 1-8. 
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    Microstructure of β-SiC whiskers with differ- ent cross-sections perpendicular to their growing direction was studied in detail by transmission elec- tron microscopy (TEM).It was indicated that there were three types of cross-sections:round, hexagonal and trigonal.The whiskers with round and hexagonal cross-sections had a high density of planar faults lying on the (111) close packed planes perpendicular to the whisker axis.There existed a few stacking faults on the other {111} planes in some hexagonal whiskers.The whiskers with bicrystals were also found in hexagonal whiskers. The microstructure of trigonal SiC whiskers was basically perfect but there were a few intrinsic stack- ing faults on the (11) planes (mostly) and (111) planes.The characters of electron diffraction pat- terns of β-SiC whiskers with different cross-sec- tions were reasonably analyzed using a reciprocal space model with continuous diffraction streaks along the [111] reciprocal direction.
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    Superplastic Behaviour of a Rapidly Solidified Al-17Si Alloy
    CHEN Guiyun WU Yue WANG Guozhi ZHANG Yongchang Institute of Metal Research,Academia Sinica,Shenyang,110015,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 9-14. 
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    A rapidly solidified Al-17Si alloy was pre- pared by the ultrasonic gas atomization and extrusion method.Its superplasticity was studied under constant cross-head speed tensile test condi- tion over the temperature range of 450℃ to 550℃ and strain rate range of 1.67×10~(-4) to 6.17× 10~(-2) s~(-1).The superplastic behaviour of the as-extruded and the thermomechanically treated samples was compared.It was found that the thermomechanical treatment was essential to achieving superplastic deformation.A maximum elongation of 445% was obtained at test tempera- ture of 550℃ and strain rate of 6.17×10~(-4) s~(-1). The microstructures before and after deformation were studied using OM,SEM and TEM.Void for- mation on the primary Si phase interfaces was found to have detrimental effect on superplasticity. It was also noted that the primary Si phase coarsened rapidly during superplastic deformation. The micromechanisms of superplasticity,phase coarsening and void formation were discussed.
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    A New Contribution to the Theory of Anode Effect in Aluminium Electrolysis
    QIU Zhuxian Northeast University of Technology,Shenyang,110006,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 15-19. 
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    This paper discusses the general characteristics of anode effect in aluminium electrolysis and pre- vious theories about the mechanism of anode effect. On the basis of laboratory experiments,the author suggests a new contribution to the primary and di- rect reason for anode effect.
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    SCC of Stainless Steel Furnace Tubes in a Heating Furnace
    ZHU Ziyong ZHOU Xiangyang GU Jianfan KE Wei Corrosion Science Laboratory,Academia Sinica,Shenyang,110015,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 20-24. 
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    Some furnace tubes made of the austenitic stainless steel 1Cr18Ni9Ti for heating crude oil ex- hibited leakage and were on fire in a refinery.Cor- rosion failure analysis was conducted to explore the cause of failure.Macro-and microexamination in- dicated the failure to be stress corrosion cracking by chloride and sulphide with cracks initiating on the inner surface in weld or heat affected zone.Veri- fying tests demonstrated that the cracks occurred during operating period.The cause of failure was related to the critical situation of the refinery:lack of desalination equipment,lots of steam with liquid film on inside tube walls owing to mixing crude oil with a great amount of water,increasing decompo- sition of inorganic salts and lowering the tempera- ture in furnace tubes.
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    Extrusion Deformation Texture of SiC_W/Al Composites
    JIAO Chengge YAO Zhongkai HAN Yafang Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials,Beijing,100095,ChinaHarbin Institute of Technology,Harbin,150006,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 25-29. 
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    The interface orientation relationships between SiC whiskers and matrix have been studied by X-ray diffraction and crystallite orientation distri- bution functions (CODFs) analysis.The distribu- tion of SiC whiskers in Al matrix of the as-cast SiC_w/Al composite was nearly unperfect isotropic. Both matrix and SiC whisker in as-extruded SiC_w/Al composite were〈111〉fiber texture.It is suggested that there are certain interface orientation relationships between the SiC_w and the Al matrix.
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    Direct Comparison between Tensile Strength and Flexural Strength of Ceramic/Metal Brazing Joint
    XIAN Aiping SI Zhongyao Institute of Metal Research,Academia Sinica,Shenyang,110015,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 30-34. 
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    A design of the sandwich joint,steel/ ceramic/steel,was made for direct comparison be- tween tensile and flexural strength of ceramic/metal joint.The flexural strength is about twice as high as the tensile strength for the same joint.The results also showed that the flexural test is more excellent than tensile test for joint with a high interracial bond strength.
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    Oxygen Potentials and Oxygen-potential Diagrams for Buffer Gas System at Normal Pressure
    FANG Zheng ZHANG Quanru ZHANG Pinmin CHEN Xinmin Central-South University of Technology,Changsha,410083,ChinaChangsha College of Nonferrous Metals,Changsha,410012,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 35-43. 
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    The principles of chemical equilibrium were used to derive a new set of formulae representing the oxygen potentials for five buffer gas mixtures at normal pressure.Various sorts of classical formulae for them are on- ly a particular representation under ignoring the effects of oxygen,thereby being unavailable for accurate cal- culation of oxygen potentials.In this paper,the oxygen potentials set by CO_2-H_2 gas mixtures and the mis- takes and errors of the classical expressions for them were discussed emphatically.The deviation in partial pressures of oxygen in some of previous experiments under the oxygen potentials controlled by CO_2-H_2 gas mixtures was explained quantitatively.The oxygen-potential diagrams predicting the equilibrated gas com- positions from the initial conditions have been also given.
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    Estimation of Thermodynamic Properties from Binary Phase Diagram
    WANG Jixin Baotou Research Institute of Rare Earths,Baotou,014010,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 44-50. 
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    The general relationship between binary phase diagrams and the thermodynamic properties was system- atically derived without any assumption.A procedure was presented to estimate the thermodynamic proper- ties from the binary phase diagrams.
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    Effects of Hydrostatic Stress on the A.C.Permeability of Mn-Zn Ferrite
    WANG Chonglin MA Guoqiang Institute of Metal Research,Academia Sinica,Shenyang,110015,ChinaCentral South University of Technology,Changsha,410083,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 51-54. 
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    Soft ferrites have excellent a.c.permeability, but it is reduced under stress.It has a hyperbolic re- lationship between permeability μ and stress σ or a linear increase of 1/μ with σ.It is also found that the stress sensitive factor α depends on sample porosity p.For fully densified Mn-Zn ferrites α is only 10~(-7)~10~(-8) MPa~(-1),but it increases to 6× 10~(-6) MPa~(-1) for samples containing closed porosity 6%.Such materials could be used as a sensor for measuring pressure。
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    Retrieving Effective Stress Spectrum of Fatigued Components from Fractographic Quantitative Analysis
    WU Huaisheng ZHONG Qunpeng Jiangsu Institute of Technology,Zhenjiang,212013,ChinaBeijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Beijing,100083,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 55-58. 
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    Under the constant amplitude and pro- grammed loading conditions the fatigued fracture surfaces of 2024-T3 sheet are examined by SEM and TEM.A corrected method,in which the effects of loading sequence are taken into account,has been developed for the retrieval of effective stress spectrum.The parameters including d,a,C,n,R,α and σ_y are evaluated according to their influences on the retrieved results.Several computer programs have been produced for the fractographic quantita- tive analysis,and the application of image pro- cessing technique in the fractographic analysis is al- so interpreted.
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    Structure and Mechanical Properties of High Si and Low C Steels
    LIU Qingquan ZHANG Xiumu TENG Huayuan WANG Yikang Institute of Metal Research,Academia Sinica,Shenyang,110015,China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 59-65. 
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    The investigation on lath martensitic transfor- mation has been carried out for 24SiMnNi2CrMoA steel using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and X-ray diffraction.The austenite and martensite in the alloy adopt the intermediate orientation relationship between Kurdjumov-Sachs and Nishiyama.The adjacent laths in a packet are small-angle related or twin-related.The retained austenites which accommodate shape deformation of martensites appear commonly between adjacent laths.High Si content increases the volume fraction of retained austenites and its stability.The excellent combination of high strength and toughness of this steel is attributed to its fine martensite laths mingled with more than 5% continuous retained austenite films.
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    Measurements of Stress-dependence of Hysteresis in a NiTi Shape Memory Alloy
    XU Huibin B.Hinz FU Senlin Technische Universitat Berlin,SG2,Salzufer 17-19,W 1000 Berlin 10,GermanyZhejiang University,Hangzhou,310027,China.
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 66-69. 
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    Thermal Stability of Low Cost Nd-Fe-B Magnets
    LIAN Fazeng REN Jianjun AI Lu ZHANG Xiaoshi ZHAO Henghe Northeast University of Technology.Shenyang 110006.ChinaShenyang Permanent Magnetic Materials Factory,Shenyang,110015.China
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 70-72. 
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    alatiacts of Selected Artleles on Metals
    No Author
    J. Mater. Sci. Technol., 1992, 8 (1): 73-78. 
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