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J Mater Sci Technol  2004, Vol. 20 Issue (04): 469-471    DOI:
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On the ζ-Potential of Nanodiamond in Aqueous Systems
Yongwei ZHU, Xiangqian SHEN, Zhijing FENG, Xiangyang XU, Baichun WANG
Department of Precision Instruments & Mechanology, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China;R&D Center, Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Changsha 410012, China
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Abstract  Several factors affecting the ζ-potential of nanodiamonds were studied. The Chemical Mechanical Modification (CMM) of surface, different surfactants and its dosage, and inorganic ions on the ζ-potential of nanodiamond sample L were studied using ZETASIZER3000HS and Nexus470. Results show that the ζ-potential changes with its parameters of detonation synthesis and purification. Results also suggest that CMM and subsequent treatments employed can alter apparently the ζ-potential and that some anionic surfactants increase the absolute value of the ζ-potential in the alkaline surrounding.
Key words:  Nanodiamond      ζ-potential      Suspension      Surfactant      
Received:  01 January 1900     
Corresponding Authors:  Yongwei ZHU     E-mail:

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Yongwei ZHU, Xiangqian SHEN, Zhijing FENG, Xiangyang XU, Baichun WANG. On the ζ-Potential of Nanodiamond in Aqueous Systems. J Mater Sci Technol, 2004, 20(04): 469-471.

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