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J Mater Sci Technol  2004, Vol. 20 Issue (04): 448-450    DOI:
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Distribution of SiCp in Al and Al-Cu Alloy Centrifugally Cast with Electromagnetic Stirring
Weiqiang ZHANG, Haifang SHI, Huameng FU
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Liaoning Technical University, 47 Zhonghua Road, Fuxin 123000, China
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Abstract  The SiCp/(Al-Cu) alloy and pure Al matrix composites have been prepared by the centrifugal casting with electromagnetic stirring. There are two particle-depleted zones formed in the samples without electromagnetic stirring. Electromagnetic stirring may result in a homogeneous distribution of fine SiC particles in the Al-Cu alloy, whereas it has little effect on the segregation in pure Al matrix. The results also show that the particle segregation is influenced by particle size and the coarse particles are more readily segregated than the fine ones.
Key words:  Centrifugal casting      Particle distribution      Electromagnetic stirring      Solidification      
Received:  01 January 1900     
Corresponding Authors:  Weiqiang ZHANG     E-mail:

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Weiqiang ZHANG, Haifang SHI, Huameng FU. Distribution of SiCp in Al and Al-Cu Alloy Centrifugally Cast with Electromagnetic Stirring. J Mater Sci Technol, 2004, 20(04): 448-450.

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