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J Mater Sci Technol  2004, Vol. 20 Issue (04): 414-416    DOI:
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Improvement of Hydrogen Storage Properties of La0.6M0.4Ni4.8Mn0.2 Alloys
Ping DU, Wei CAO, Manqi LÜ, Jiangping CHEN, Ke YANG
Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenyang 110016, China
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Abstract  Investigation has been carried out to find the effects of Nd substitution and Cu addition on the hydrogen storage properties of AB5-type alloy with a multicomponent La0.6M0.4Ni4.8Mn0.2 (M=Y, Nd) system. La0.6M0.4Ni4.8Mn0.2, which was used in an air-conditioning system, showed poor hysteresis and sloping characteristics, which led to a decrease concerning the coefficient of performance of the system. By the substitution of Nd for Y, the hydrogen storage capacity increased, and the plateau pressure decreased a little, but the hydrogen absorption kinetics decreased dramatically. Cu addition can effectively improve the kinetics of hydride formation without changing the hydrogen storage capacity of La0.6M0.4Ni4.8Mn0.2. It has been found that La0.6Nd0.4Ni4.8Mn0.2Cu0.1 alloy showed good hydrogen storage characteristics for metal hydride air-conditioning system. The results showed that, for each component of La0.6M0.4Ni4.8Mn0.2, the effective hydrogen storage capacity increased with decrease of the unit cell parameter c/a and the hydrogen absorption plateau pressure increased with decrease of the parameter a.
Key words:  Metal hydride      Air-conditioning system      Sloping      Hysteresis      Kinetics      
Received:  01 January 1900     
Corresponding Authors:  Ke YANG     E-mail:

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Ping DU, Wei CAO, Manqi LÜ, Jiangping CHEN, Ke YANG. Improvement of Hydrogen Storage Properties of La0.6M0.4Ni4.8Mn0.2 Alloys. J Mater Sci Technol, 2004, 20(04): 414-416.

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